Working Through Your Concept

Building a Better Business 103 : Working Through Your Concept

This is the third class in our three part series.

We've done a research, now it's time to write some numbers down and see if our idea has financial power. Small business owners need to understand the cost to create a product or service, the pricing and then the sale. We can't guess at our financials, we have to apply concrete numbers and make sure we can cover our costs and services.

We will be applying a case study so you will have a working model for your financials. Creating your financials brings you one step closer to understanding whether you have the ability to be successful. If you don't understand your financials then you won't understand start-up costs, pricing, breakeven, expenses and cash flow. It sound confusing but working through the process will help you create meaningful financials.

It's time to do your homework and identify your start-up costs, your monthly expenses and the ability to create a cash flow with projections to show your future success.

Building a Better Business 103 - Working through Your Concept

We will search for information that will help to understand your financial projections and give you solid results on starting and/or growing your business.

  • Industry Experience
  • Executive Summary - Your Story
  • Team Approach
  • Start-Up Cost & Monthly Expenses
  • Pricing & Breakeven
  • Cash Flow & Projections
  • Loans
  • Accountants & Accounting Software
Building a Better Business 101 - Starting and Growing
Building a Better Business 102 - Marketing Tools that Work

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This program is open to any and all individuals that would like to learn more about starting and growing a business. If you are starting, growing or moving to Brockton, you may be eligible to apply for the $1M Venture Loan Fund. If you are from other surrounding communities, we are in the beginning stages of creating other loan opportunities. See the Community Loan Programs page for more information.