Marketing Tools For Your Business

Building a Better Business 102 : Marketing Tools That Work

This is the second class in our three part series.

Marketing is essential for getting information about your product and/or service to your customers and clients. There are many forms of marketing that need to be applied for your business to be successful in today's digital world. Not being able to be found can impact your opportunity to get in front of the right person and eventually make a sale.

Personal brand and a strong web presence are two important points we will cover during our class. Your website is the first place you want people to go so they can learn about your products and services. Most people, looking to do business with you, have already visited your website and social media platforms. They know more about you than you think. If they can't find anything about you, they will move on, think Micro Moment, and that means they may find your competition.

Let's create a plan that will get you in front of the right group of people. With a strong web presence, personal brand and a tool kit of marketing options, you'll have a plan for marketing and selling your products and/or service.

Building a Better Business 102 - Marketing Tools that Work

The least funded, yet most important, marketing can ultimately make or break your business.

  • Living through 2021
  • SMB Marketing Challenges
  • The Marketing Wheel
  • Your Website
  • Integrating the Tools
  • Trends
Building a Better Business 101 - Starting and Growing
Building a Better Business 103 - Working through Your Concept

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This program is open to any and all individuals that would like to learn more about starting and growing a business. We work with businesses south of Boston. We have offices in Brockton, Fall River, Kingston, New Bedford, Plymouth, Quincy and Taunton.

Once you have completed the program and written a business plan, we can help you look for financing options.