Starting and Growing Your Business

Building a Better Business 101 : Starting and Growing Your Business

This is the first class in our three part series.

Starting and Growing Your Business is an important part in understanding what it means to be in business. Being a businesses owner is hard work and long hours but there is immense gratification knowing it is yours and you have created it.

Many times we think, "I can run my own business", and in our head it works. Successful business owners write it down. They get it out of their head and on to paper. Seeing actual concepts and ideas, along with some financial projection makes it a more realistic approach.

Let's sit down and have a conversation about expectations as a business owner, ideas around your concept, understanding the need for your product or service and who is your customer.

Building a Better Business 101 - Starting and Growing

Let's define your business.

  • Micro Moments
  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • Personal Credit
  • Business Types & Tax Responsibilities
  • Funding
  • Your Idea
  • Your Product and Customer
Building a Better Business 102 - Marketing Tools that Work
Building a Better Business 103 - Working through Your Concept

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This program is open to any and all individuals that would like to learn more about starting and growing a business. If you are starting, growing or moving to Brockton, you may be eligible to apply for the $1M Venture Loan Fund. If you are from other surrounding communities, we are in the beginning stages of creating other loan opportunities. See the Community Loan Programs page for more information.