Community Building and Engagement

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Comprehensive Community Development Vision Statement

The NHS planning team works with the Winter Street Neighborhood Association to establish the Neighborhood Ambassador program and cultivate resident leadership, not only in our own properties, but more broadly throughout the Quincy Point neighborhood. The initiative takes its lead from Dorothy Richardson, the original Neighborhood Ambassador, who engaged the residents of her own neighborhood in Pittsburgh to advocate for government and institutional investment in affordable housing and community development. By following her example, we have renewed our commitment to a comprehensive approach based on a community and resident-led vision. We are expanding this program to the downtown Brockton area in the coming years. Similar to Quincy Point we have been developing new housing and creating a strong residential leadership team.

"I believe people get their roots down when they own their houses...take pride in them. That, in turn, is good for a whole city."

 - Dorothy Richardson

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Welcome to NeighborWorks Week 2024

It's time to celebrate!

NeighborWorks America is celebrating its 45th Anniversary a 45-year history of impacting communities and enhancing lives, and NeighborWorks Week is the perfect opportunity to increase visibility for the programs and impact of our NeighborWorks network organizations. During NeighborWorks Week, the focus is on “Empowering Communities for Success” — something NeighborWorks America celebrates every day. Our network of nearly 250 nonprofit organizations works hard to support, build and uplift communities – and it shows. Collectively, our programs have had a remarkable impact on providing residents and communities with access to resources that help them successfully overcome challenges and enhance their lives. That is why this theme remains our focus for NeighborWorks Week 2024 from June 1-8. Join us in celebrating and sharing stories that will inspire, encourage, empower and help us broaden our impact and our brand. Helping residents identify their power, use their power and harness their power is what our network does best!