Homebuyer Education Classes

Buying a home can often feel overwhelming and it doesn’t need to! To bring some ease to the process, we highly encourage prospective homeowners to participate in our NeighborWorks® Housing Solutions (NHS) Homebuyer Education Classes. These classes are incredibly valuable and helpful to anyone seeking to purchase their first home.

During this eight-hour training, we introduce first-time homebuyers* to information needed to successfully purchase their home, including choosing a realtor, finding the right home, repairing credit, securing financing, home inspections, insurance, and maintaining a home. The class also provides information on the range of programs and financing resources available to first-time buyers.

The NHS homebuyer education course has received a Seal of Approval from the Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative, enabling participants who receive a certificate of completion to access several special mortgage products.

Whether you’re ready to buy now, or hope to be ready within a couple years, this class will provide information and support so you understand your realistic options and what’s possible to achieve.

*Anyone who has not owned a home in three or more years can be considered a first-time homebuyer.

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What to Expect

At each class, professionals will walk you through the process of buying your first home. Topics included in the class structure are:

Class Options Details: Cost, Time, and How

We want to make attending a class as easy as possible for you — we know time is always limited! The majority of our classes are what we call a “hybrid” class — 4 hours of online class time and one, 4-hour in-person class (offered in a variety of locations), but we do offer our homebuyer classes three different ways:

  • 1 Hybrid (4 online hours and 4 group class hours), $45** per person or household, which is two (2) people. Please note: Classes are also available in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • 2 In-Person (8-hour group class), $45** per person or household, which is two (2) people.
  • 3 Online Only (8 hours online class), $99**

The online-only class is recommended for those who, for various reasons, have been unable to attend a local homebuyer class, or if there are time restrictions due to a job schedule or transportation issues. Once the online class is completed, you will be required to schedule time to speak with a NHS Counselor in order to receive certification for the completed course. You MUST complete the full course in order to receive certification. Contact us for more information.

If you are unable to attend the class for which you registered, we must be notified 72 hours prior to the scheduled class. If you do not give adequate notice, or you do not show up, you forfeit the fee you paid. In this instance, to complete the hybrid workshop, you will be required to pay the $45 fee again to register for the in-person portion.

Registering for a Hybrid First Time Homebuyer Workshop as of March 2020

We are currently offering a Hybrid class that consists of a portion of the workshop to be completed online and at your own pace. Once you have completed the online portion, you will complete a Client Action Plan. You will receive a confirmation email containing several VIRTUAL class dates for you to choose from.

During this Virtual Session, you will hear from a Lender, Realtor and Housing Counselor. Following this virtual session, a Housing Counselor will reach out to you to conduct a one- on - one session with you.

Registering for Class

When you click through to register for your choice of class, you’ll have to create an account with eHomeAmerica, who manages our registration and payment processes. Once you’ve registered and paid you then need to view the NHS calendar to choose the in-person class date and location for which you want to reserve a seat.

Registering for a Hybrid Class:

  • 1 Complete “Step 1: Register & Pay.” You will receive an email confirmation of your payment with a reminder to complete Step 2.
  • 2 Complete “Step 2: Reserve seat(s) for in-person portion.” Visit the NHS Calendar to choose the date and location of the in-person portion of the class and indicate whether you are reserving one or two seats.

Registering for an In-Person Class

  • 1 Provide your name and email.
  • 2 Click “Register” and choose the specific date and location.
  • 3 Pay online for the class.
  • 4 Your intake form will be filled out at the class.

Hybrid Workshop


Online-Only Workshop

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2-Day Workshop

**Class fee/registration is non-refundable/non-transferable.