Who You've Helped

The impact of your giving

Meet the people whose lives have changed due to the work we do here at NHS and the generous donations we receive.

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Steven* had been homeless for more than 15 years.  He would spend his days leaving the shelter in the morning, walking through town with his life on his back.  He would return to the shelter in the evening for dinner, a shower, and a bed.  Steven was also struggling with undiagnosed mental illness, and was disconnected from many of the services for which he was eligible.  Steven was connected to a case manager in the shelter.  His case manager worked with Steven to help him connect with local services including social security, which allowed him to finally receive an income.  This took some time and patience.  Steven was very skeptical of those around him, and had difficulty trusting people. 

Steven and his case manager connected with NeighborWorks Housing Solutions, when a studio apartment became available in one of the apartment buildings that NHS manages.  Soon after Steven was moving in and adjusting to his new life in a home of his own.  The first few months were challenging for Steven but his case manager continued to work with him to make sure his transition to housing would be a long term success. 

Steven has now been in housing for more than 5 years.  He has been able to reconnect with his family, and especially his sister, Mary*.  He has started playing music again, and has started to address his mental illness.  Thanks to his stable home, Steven has been able to finally start to get his life back on track.

*names have been changed to protect anonymity.