Senior Program Representative

Job Title:

Senior Program Representative

Job Description:

Provides information and assistance to rental assistance program participants and owners concerning eligibility and program requirements, the provision of services and benefit administration.

Maintains a client caseload and the corresponding documentation incompliance with program regulations.

Supports the NeighborWorks Housing Solutions (NHS) mission and objectives through the delivery of professional and knowledgeable services to the community.

Job Requirements & Skills:

Provide professional customer service to participants and landlords by responding promptly to inquiries, phone calls, emails, faxes, and correspondence.

Determine participant initial and continued eligibility and accurate rent shares through review and analysis of documentation and information obtained by interviews , inquiries and/or third parties that verify family composition, income, assets and other factors effecting eligibility and rent calculations.

Educate program participants and owners as to their respective responsibilities and obligations under program requirements and fair housing laws.

Conduct information and briefing sessions for the same.

Assist in dispute resolution aimed at stabilizing tenancies.

Assist tenants in the development of ADA accommodations action plans.

Perform relocations, rent share calculations and recertification processes in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with DHCD Administration plan, HUD regulations and SETMAP Guidelines.

Use independent judgment in making recommendations in accordance with existing procedures or written guidelines, such as NHS internal policies, HUD, and DHCD regulations, handbooks, desk references, or existing records.

Assists in training new employees and supports other team members in the interpretation of applicable provisions and regulations.

Maintain knowledge base by reviewing all available communication including: HUD Clips, MTCS Forum, Federal Register Notices, Public Notices, DHCD memorandums and Nan McKay updates Assist in compiling rental market comparisons, negotiate rent increase requests; determine rent reasonableness and process as necessary.

Maintain participant files, program records, and caseload monitoring and tracking forms whether hard copies, electronic files or in databases in accordance with NHS’s policies and procedures and as prescribed by DHCD Administration plan and HUD regulations.

Work cooperatively with FSS, Inspection and other departments ensuring high quality service coordination.

Monitor compliance by all parties and follow up on allegations of fraud, programs abuse, unreported income, collection of overpayments, and or other program violations.

Process participant terminations for failure to comply with program regulations, prepare paperwork and participate in informal hearing process.

Qualifications and Certifications: At least three (3) years' experience working in Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8, or other Federal housing programs.

Ability to work independently, performing relatively complex work in an accurate and timely manner without close supervision.

Job Type:

Full Time