Marketing Mondays -Alignable for Local Business

Marketing Mondays - Alignable for Local Businesses

Welcome to Marketing Mondays : A series of short classes that offers 2-3 tips, tricks and ideas you can quickly implement into your small business marketing plan.

This session will discuss Alignable for Local Businesses. Alignable is used to connect peers in the small business community by building trusted relationships to getting more referrals. It also allows you to promote your local business so you can increase your visibility in your community, across your state and even nationwide.

We will discuss:

  • Creating an optimized profile
  • Connecting with local businesses
  • Powerful reviews
  • Events and Education

This session will be 45 minutes in length with 15 minutes of questions and answers at the end. We want to keep these sessions to an hour because we know time is important to a small business owner.

This session will be offered:

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