Self Sufficiency Program: The Path to HomeOwnership

NeighborWorks Housing Solutions’ Self-Sufficiency Program (SSP) assists MRVP recipients achieve their employment and economic goals. Ideal for people with big dreams, this 3-year program supports you in finding the resources that make those dreams a reality. We listen to what’s standing in your way, and work with you to break those barriers down.

SSP goals can be a variety of things, but common goals include employment, sustainable salary, and homeownership. NeighborWorks Housing Solutions keeps strong relationships with educational, job training, and community facilities in addition to a range of other barrier-breaking resources that offer helpful services to participants.

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Who Is Eligible?

You qualify to participate in SSP if you:

  • Have a current Massachusetts Rental Voucher (MRVP)
  • Are a Head of Household 18+ years and are a resident of either Bristol or Plymouth County
  • And are eager and willing to participate in suggested resources

What is the process?

After expressing interest in SSP, potential participants will fill out a Pre-Enrollment Form that describes their current situation and what goals they wish to achieve by the end of the program. 

Participants will meet with the SSP Coordinator to discuss and assess their goals and barriers in depth.

The SSP Coordinator will develop a personalized three-year plan that will guide the participant to their goals. This plan will include barrier-breaking resources that build assets such as education, job training, and skill development.

The participant and SSP Coordinator will continue periodic check-ins throughout the contract period to connect and provide guidance as needed.

Why choose SSP?

Many goals rely on an increase in income to be accomplished. Generally, an increase in income leads to an increase in rent share. But with SSP, an increase in rent due to an increase in earned income will start an escrow account that will accumulate funds throughout the program. When the participant graduates from SSP, they will have access to their escrow account to use however they want. Each escrow account can hold a maximum of $15,000.

Enroll Now

To start the process and enroll in SSP,  please complete the Self-Sufficiency Intake


Please reach out to Stephanie Allen for more information.
781-422-4200 Ext. 218|